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The Startup Life

Feb 12, 2018

What does it mean to provide value in the healthcare industry? In this episode, we sit down Darnell Reid(Founder & CEO of Good Hands Community Care) to discuss just that. He walks us through his early teachings of entrepreneurship as he shares with us a conversation about instead of looking for a job that he should be focused on creating jobs. Darnell later shares his lessons learned from Replay Games. He goes on to explain why it's Memphis entrepreneurs that inspire him as an entrepreneur, which led him to create the Memphis Success podcast. Do you have a top 100 list? Darnell talks about having a list of influencers to help tell the story of your company. 

After the break, he explains his thought process on what goes into the decision to move into a bigger space for your business. He moves on and describes how advice from a friend from middle school is something he holds on to today. In probably his most reflective moment, Darnell describes the responsibility of providing a living for his employees and how the decisions he makes affect them. In regards to entrepreneurs giving commentary on social issues, Darnell says he is more about taking action as opposed to just offering lip service. Lastly, he explains why done is better than perfect. 


Need to reach out to Darnell:

Good Hands Community Care

2738 Mt. Moriah

Memphis, TN 38115


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Books mentioned in this episode:

Think And Grow Rich: A Black Choice

Rich Dad, Poor Dad


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