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The Startup Life

Nov 12, 2018

Can entrepreneurship be a tool stop recidivism? We think so!


In this episode, we lay out a path for people released from prison that they cannot only re-enter society but have a successful transition. In the first segment, we discuss getting your financial house in order. We discuss making a budget, assessing the debts that may have accrued while serving time. Next, we share with people who do not want to start a company, organizations that are friendly to people that serve time. We also discuss how sometimes getting those jobs can lead to a path of entrepreneurship.

After the break, we share resources that can be used to start your company or even go back to school. We break the myth that there is no help out there for those who have made mistakes. Lastly, we share stories of people that have been to prison only to come out and start very successful companies. Some became consultants while others started tech companies. 

Need help getting established financially? Give the CENTS program a try.  

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Hear Coss Marte's story of how he built ConBody.

Learn the fundamentals of starting a business.

Other resources mentioned in this episode

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