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The Startup Life

Jul 8, 2019

How important is it to notice a changing industry and take advantage of it?

In this episode, we sit down with Ena Esco (Founder of Ivy Multimedia & Host of The Verbally Effective Podcast) to answer that question and more. First, we start with her origin story in Beaumont, Texas and being recruited to go to college in Memphis. She later talks about her voiceover work and her time in corporate America. Before the break, she talks about the importance of professional development. 

After the break, we talk about the launch date of the Verbally effective podcast and how it started. She goes on to talk about the struggles of being in a male-dominated industry of media. Lastly, she shares with is her superpower and leaves StatupNation with some last words of wisdom. 

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Written by: Dominic Lawson

Executive Producers: Dominic Lawson and Kenda Lawson

Associate Producers: SunAh Marie

Edited by: Alejandro Giron( and Dominic Lawson


Music Credits:

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 Behind Closed Doors - Otis McDonald 


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