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The Startup Life

Jun 17, 2019

Can anyone make a go at it in real estate? 

In this episode, we hang out with Kevin Bupp (Founder & CEO of Sunrise Capital Partners) to answer this question and more. He first shares his origin story of entrepreneurship that had him with a paper route and making custom speaker boxes with his older brother.  Next he shares with us how he met David and how he pushed him into real estate.  Kevin also talks about the great recession of 2008 and how it took a toll on the real estate industry. He also provides insight on what he learned from that time. 

After the break, Kevin share with us more about his company and his goals with it. Next, he shares with us his top rated podcast. Lastly, he shares with us his philanthropic ventures and leaves us with some lasting words of motivation. 

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Written by: Dominic Lawson

Executive Producers: Dominic Lawson and Kenda Lawson

Edited by: Alejandro Giron and Dominic Lawson


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