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The Startup Life

Mar 18, 2019

What is a Job To Be Done Practitioner? 

In this episode, we sit down with Brian Rhea (JTBD Expert & Creator of answers this question and more. He starts by sharing the beginnings in East Texas and how his dad put him on a path early on to be an entrepreneur with website design. Later, he shares his time as a middle school art teacher and what his student taught him. Brian also shares his experience of another startup he was apart of. Brian also shares with StartupNation the value of Customer interviews. Lastly, before the break, he shares what he learns from mentors and mentees.

After the break, Brain brings up the value that you get from the JTBD Knowledge Library. He also talks about all the other amazing services he offers including his new venture Brian also shares with us his philosophy on if we are moving towards a UBI and the greatest video game he has ever played. 

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