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The Startup Life

Jul 1, 2019

Can you change your career to a more fulfilling one? 

In this episode, we sit down with Kirsten Bunch (Best Selling Author & Career Transition Coach) to answer this question and more. She starts by telling us her origin story that led her to travel around the world. Next, Kirsten talks about how she prepares for public speaking engagements. Lastly, Kirsten shares her professional development routine.  

After the break, she explains what a reinvention strategist is. Next, she shares the work her clients go through in order to make a successful transition. Lastly, she leaves us with words of motivation. 

**More On Kirsten**

Kirsten Bunch is the author of the international bestselling book, Next Act, Give Back: Discover Your Personal Path to Go From Being Charitable to Being a Changemaker.

Kirsten works with creative and innovative women and men who want to use their experience, ideas, and networks to address some of today’s most pressing social, economic and environmental challenges.

Her clients, which range from a neuroscientist to a celebrity stylist, have one thing in common: they have the power to change the world.

Kirsten spent 25 years traveling to over 50 countries for game-changing organizations like the Rainforest Alliance and VisionSpring. She helped fundraise over $20 million and designed and managed social change programs in 10 countries.

Her work has been featured in Forbes, O, The Oprah Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine.


Check out Kirsten's website to read her blog and purchase her book

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Written by: Dominic Lawson

Executive Producers: Dominic Lawson and Kenda Lawson

Edited by: Alejandro Giron and Dominic Lawson


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