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The Startup Life

Jan 20, 2019

How can you avoid the “crap your pants” copyright infringement letter?

In this episode, we find this out and more with Richard Chapo, ESQ,  Founder of He shares with us the types of entrepreneurs the inspire him. He goes on to explain why its important for entrepreneurs that create content to comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act or DCMA. Richard also shares his time working in the adult film industry. He goes on talking about working with Pat Flynn, his appetite for traveling,  and trying not to get attack by mountain lions when he goes for a walk. He even shares his take on the recent controversy surrounding Fortnite. 

After the break, Richard shares with us steps you should take when starting an online business. He later talks about how when he first started out he wanted to be a traditional lawyer but later opted to take a different direction. Lastly, he shares with us why his superpower is staying focused. 

Richard Chapo, located in San Diego, CA is an Internet business lawyer who has been practicing law since 1992 and specializes in helping online entrepreneurs avoid “Crap Your Pants” copyright infringement letters and other threats when operating online. He’s traveled extensively around the world, having lived in Siberia in Russia for a year as well as spent time in much of Europe, Central America, and Asia. 

He enjoys working on internet legal issues for small business owners because the web is clearly the dominant force in our lives and most entrepreneurs have no idea that you can’t do things like the post someone else’s photo on your site or use someone else’s music in your YouTube video without permission. Richard also helps his clients learn how to operate their business online in light of the new trend of countries enacting laws that are dividing up the web. It’s not surprising that Richard would be knowledgeable about how different governments around the world are causing problems online considering how much time he spent wandering around Russia and Asia for a year. 

Richard is unique in that he’s totally aware that the law is a pretty boring subject. That’s why he tries to liven up subjects with humor and by providing specific examples of where well-known companies online have run into the problems he is discussing. Richard’s goal is to entertain your listeners instead of scaring them to death.

Since the recording of this episode, Richard found the Fortnite case so fascinating that he created content to help explain the case. Check out the video here!

Need to contact Richard? Email him at or give him a call at 619-637-6043

Create content online? Let Richard help you to be DMCA compliant.

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