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The Startup Life

Jan 14, 2019

What does it mean to serve your customers truly?

In this episode, we find out with Ty Crandall (Founder & CEO of Credit Suite). He begins by sharing his first steps into entrepreneurship in the mortgage industry. He goes on to share what he learned from a lunch with Jason Feifer of Entrepreneur Magazine and Steve Forbes of Forbes. He goes on to share the proper way to attain business credit and his podcast The Business Credit and Finance Show.

Later after the break, he shares with us the value business owners get from 4-step credit guide that is on his website, Ty also shares with us why it is essential for him to not only sell a service but also inform and empower his clients with his many avenues of content creation. Lastly, he shares with us his goals of flying from every private airport in Florida to learning magic

Ty Crandall is an internationally known speaker, author, and business credit expert. With over 16 years of financial experience, Ty has become the authority in business credit business credit building, business credit scoring, and business credit repair.

Ty Crandall has become one of the most well-known speakers regarding business credit building and scoring. Ty has been booked for speaking engagements in many states across the United States. Ty has also been booked for international speaking engagements as far as Singapore.

Ty is the author of one of the most popular books on business and personal credit building named Perfect Credit. Ty has also written one of the best-selling business credit books Business Credit Decoded.

In addition, Ty has written hundreds of published articles relating to business credit improvement, business credit scoring, business credit law, and numerous topics relating to business credit building. Ty and his business credit knowledge have also been featured on countless radio and TV programs.

Ty serves as the CEO and Founder of Credit Suite. In his first year alone he helped hundreds of clients start offering business credit and funding to their clients. He has overseen the business credit building for thousands of clients and has been crucial to growing the most credible business coaching operation in the United States.

With Credit Suite, Ty consults with and advises some of the largest finance companies and lenders in the nation on business credit building and scoring. Ty is also one of the most popular speakers at the Credit Boot Camp which is held twice a year.

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If you need Ty as a keynote speaker you can book him by calling 855-888-2822 or on his website at

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