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The Startup Life

Feb 5, 2018

Can you add value to your customers while marketing your business? In this episode, we sit down with Cheryl Pesce (Owner and Designer of the Cheryl Pesce Lifestyle Brand) to explain how it's done. She explains why entrepreneurs should always be closing and marketing because you never know who is watching.[4:51] She also explains what is meant by Need Identify, Trial Close and Identifying Your Customers and why those measures still work today in this age of digital marketing and social media. She also goes to great lengths to explain why pop-up shops work so well for her. Cheryl also gives her own take on what an elevator pitch looks like.[12:49] Right before the break, she talks about collaboration and cross-promotion with other businesses. 

After the break, she explains how even though initially not wanting a brick and mortar store but the opportunity presented itself and she could not turn it down. She shares with us the secret to creating a buzz that has ultimately led to her great success. [21:23] Cheryl also shares with us some of the cool and unique ways she promotes her amazing brand. [22:45] She goes on to explain how networking and building relationships have also contributed to building her brand. Do relationships in business fall through? Cheryl explains an interesting perspective on this matter and why having a contract is so vital. Lastly, she explains the concept of Value-Added and the #1 thing an entrepreneur should know about marketing. 

Visit Cheryl’s store:

1350 Concourse Avenue #125 

Memphis, TN 38104


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Want a tasty treat with a Memphis touch? Visit the MemPops website.  

1350 Concourse Avenue, Suite 133

Memphis, TN 38104


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