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The Startup Life

Nov 19, 2018

Do people making purchasing decisions based on great advertising or is it much deeper than that?

In this episode of The Startup Life, we talk to Co-Founder of TriggerPoint, LLC, and author of “Marketing To Mindstates” Will Leach as answers that question and more. 


Will Leach is the founder of TriggerPoint, a leading Behavioral Research and Design consultancy specializing in System 1 marketing. Simply put… TriggerPoint helps today’s largest brands understand and change consumer behavior through Behavioral Research and Design.
Will has over 20 years of behavioral insights experience and is a behavioral design instructor at the Cox School of Business BLC at Southern Methodist University. Will is the author of the bestselling book “Marketing to MindStates: a Practical Field Guide to Applying Behavioral Design to Marketing” and is also a 2-time winner of the EXPLOR Award for behavioral science research innovation.

Click here to learn more about TriggerPoint, LLC. 

Description of Marketing To Mindstates

For marketing to deliver sustainable business growth, it must focus on the one thing that drives it – changing consumer behaviors. Thankfully, the last decade has been a golden age for understanding and designing for lasting behavioral change through the process of Behavioral Design. And thanks to this book, it is now practical and usable for everyone. In Marketing to Mindstates, Will Leach, founder of TriggerPoint, a leading behavioral research, and design consultancy, demystifies this process and how to apply behavioral psychology and
behavioral economics to influence people’s “mindstates.” Using his Mindstate Behavioral Model, he shows you how to create behaviorally optimized messaging designed to influence consumer behavior and generate real business results.

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To purchase Marketing To Mindstates:

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Will's website.


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