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The Startup Life

Dec 18, 2017

In this episode, we discuss a few tricks to ace your interview, some things to avoid doing, and how to crush the phone interview. We also include practice interview questions in the show notes below. Entrepreneurs, even though this episode is mainly about landing a job, there are still strategies you can use from this episode. Opening Monologue: Acing The Interview [3:27]SEGMENT 1: Some interview hacks [3:56] The best day and time of day to schedule your interview [5:22] Don’t schedule your interview with other strong candidates [6:47] Be mindful of the colors you wear to your interview [8:59] Consider the interviewers age when answering questions [10:58] Be mindful of hand gestures [12:29] Find commonalities with your interviewer [13:19] Mirror the interviewers body language [13:51] Compliment the interviewer [15:06] Show confidence [15:58] Show examples of assertiveness [17:01] Be candid about weaknesses [18:17] Prime yourself to have a good interview/Superman pose [20:43] Speak expressively [21:41] Make eye contact [22:07] Be friendly yet assertive [22:47] Show your potential [23:13]SEGMENT 2: Things not to do in an interview [23:25] Do Not Lie! [24:25] Do not answer your phone during in an interview [25:30] Do not come off as arrogant or condescending [26:26] Do not dress inappropriately [28:06] Do not blame other people for your mistakes [29:09] Do not make body language mistakes [29:41] Do Not forget to smile [30:40] Do not fidget with items [31:14] Do not fidget in your seat [31:36] Do not fold your arms [32:09]BREAK [33:44]SEGMENT 3: How to win your phone interview [34:00] Be in a nice quiet office setting [34:59] Research the company [35:57] Dress up for your phone interview [36:11] Listen [37:29] Speak expressively/Smile when talking [38:28] Create a positive ending [39:29] Send a Thank You note [41:05]Do a proper follow-up/Be patient/Ask for feedback [44:40]SEGMENT 4: How to win the face to face interview [44:55]Power Pose [45:18] Practice interview questions below [46:05] Identify the hook/Be memorable [47:04] Know the job you are applying for [48:49] Establish what makes you great for the role [51:27] Know the company [53:18] Prepare for follow-on questions [54:09] Practice and record yourself dong a mock interview [55:50] The more you prepare, the more relax you will be [57:02] Stay positive [57:58] Be honest [58:49] My Final Take [1:00:01] Ending Credits POTENTIAL INTERVIEW QUESTIONS Want gear from The Startup Life? Need great teaching resources? Have comments or want to advertise on The Startup Life? Looking for a nice co-working space in Memphis?