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The Startup Life

May 5, 2021

In this episode we talk to Dr. Shantanu Nundy (Chief Medical Officer of Accolade) about his role at the company, his new book Care After Covid, and why it's more than fine to have questions about the vaccine. 

**More on Shantanu**

Dr. Shantanu Nundy, Chief Medical Officer of Accolade, oversees the company’s clinical strategy and solutions to improve health outcomes for individuals and families, as well as the experience and relationships they have with their providers. Shantanu is a practicing primary care physician and technologist with expertise in combining medicine and innovation with deep knowledge of the healthcare industry and global health policy.

Prior to joining Accolade, Shantanu served as Senior Technology Advisor in the World Bank Group’s Health, Nutrition, and Population Global Practice. In this role, he accelerated the adoption of health innovation and technology across the Bank’s $15 billion healthcare portfolio in low- and middle-income countries.

Shantanu served as Director of the Human Diagnosis Project, a healthcare AI startup company, and Managing Director for Clinical Innovation at Evolent Health, population health, and predictive analytics company, where he improved hospital and chronic disease outcomes for more than two million individuals in the U.S. Shantanu is also co-inventor of SMS-DMCare, automated text messaging software for individuals with diabetes. The technology was one of the first mHealth interventions to demonstrate improved health and lower costs, and to be adopted by the World Health Organization’s eHealth Compendium.

Shantanu’s work has been recognized by the MacArthur Foundation and been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, The Atlantic, The Journal of the American Medical Association, Psychology Today, Rolling Stone, Wired Magazine. and others. He is the author of Stay Healthy At Every Age, a Wall Street Journal top five book in health and wellness of 2010.

Shantanu practices primary care at Mary’s Center, a federally qualified health center serving a large, immigrant community in Washington, D.C. He is a graduate of MIT (BS), Johns Hopkins (MD), and the University of Chicago (MBA). He lives with his wife and two daughters in Washington, D.C.

Shantanu practices primary care at Mary’s Center, a federally qualified health center serving a large, immigrant community in Washington, D.C. He earned his Bachelor of Science from MIT, Doctor of Medicine from Johns Hopkins University, and Master of Business Administration from the University of Chicago.


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Written by: Dominic Lawson

Executive Producers: Dominic Lawson and Kenda Lawson

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