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The Startup Life

Mar 29, 2020

In this episode, we talk to  Jacob Morgan (Founder Of The Future Organization & 4X Best-Selling Author) as we discuss what the leader of the next decade will require, how automation doesn't automatically mean the firing of personnel, and how leadership goes beyond the organization. In this episode, we also review Peter Yawitz's book "Flip Flops & Microwaved Fish." 

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**More On Jacob**

After graduating with honors in business management economics and psychology from the University of California, Santa Cruz, Jacob was excited to join the corporate world.

At his first job, he was told that he’d be traveling the country, meeting with executives and entrepreneurs, and doing all sorts of exciting work. A few months in, he was stuck doing data entry, cold calling, and PowerPoint presentations. One day the CEO came out of his beautiful corner office, handed Jacob a $10 bill, and said, “I’m late for a meeting, go grab me a cup of coffee, and get something for yourself as well.” That was the last corporate job he ever had.

Today, Jacob Morgan is a trained futurist and one of the world’s leading authorities on leadership, the future of work, employee experience, and leadership. He speaks in front of tens of thousands of people each year, and his content is seen over a million times a year. Jacob is the best-selling author of four books: The Future Leader (Wiley 2020), The Employee Experience Advantage (Wiley, 2017), The Future of Work (Wiley, 2014), and The Collaborative Organization (McGraw Hill, 2012). He speaks at over 50 conferences a year, including TED Academy, which is one of the most significant TED events in the world. Also, Jacob provides advisory and thought leadership services to various organizations around the world.

He is the founder of The Future of Work University at, an online education, and training platform that helps individuals and organizations thrive in the rapidly changing world of work. Courses explore topics such as employee experience, the future of work, and leadership skills. Jacob also created “The Future If,” a global community of business leaders, authors, and futurists who explore what our future can look like IF certain technologies, ideas, approaches, and trends happen. The community looks at everything from AI and automation to leadership and management practices to augmented reality and virtual reality, the 4th industrial revolution, and everything in between.

The CEOs of: have endorsed his work

Nestle, Best Buy, Cisco, SAP, Unilever, Mastercard, KPMG, Schneider Electric, T-Mobile, Whirlpool, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Zappos, Atari, Yum! Brands, Audi, and many others.

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Written by: Dominic Lawson

Executive Producers: Dominic Lawson and Kenda Lawson

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