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The Startup Life

Dec 26, 2017

In this episode, we discuss why closing the deal fast is not necessarily a good thing, the word “no” is actually a acronym for something positive, and why building rapport is the hallmark of any great salesperson. Also, we break down the difference between a feature, benefit, and result. Opening Monologue: Acing The Interview [3:03] Short and Long Sale Scenario [3:53 ]SEGMENT 1: MYTHS OF BEING A GOOD SALESPERSON [4:01] Buyers are not always telling the truth [5:42] Anybody can be persuaded on the spot [8:47] Price is the reason they didn’t buy your product or service [12:17] One size fits all/Discount [14:10] Close the deal fast [16:08] Close the deal at any price [18:33] Do whatever it takes to get the sale [20:21] SEGEMENT 2: FEARS OF SELLING [20:35] Fear of making a negative first impression [23:38] Fear of rejection [25:06] Fear of coming of as pushy [26:54] Fear of not being able to close [31:05] Fear of not doing it right [33:40] SEGMENT 3: HOW TO BUILD RAPPORT WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS [33:57] Be genuine [34:30] Be friendly [34:58] Show Interest [36:43] Don’t be thirsty [37:39] Give compliments [39:52] Read the culture [42:04] BREAK [43:39] SEGMENT 4: FEATURES, BENEFITS, AND RESULTS [44:37] Features [46:02] Don’t use jargon [47:25] Benefits/W.I.I.F.M. [51:29] Results [53:41] SEGMENT 5: THE SALES PROCESS [54:15] Step 1: Know your product/service [56:13] Step 2: Know your customer [1:01:18] Step 3: The sales approach/Needs assessments [1:04:16] Step 4: The presentation/Matching needs [1:05:13] Step 6: The close [1:06:46] Step 7: The follow up [1:12:43] My Final Take [1:15:47] Ending Credits Resources: Episodes of The Startup Life mentioned: Brand vs. Business Acing The Interview The Language Of Entrepreneurship Want gear from The Startup Life? Need great teaching resources? Have comments or want to advertise on The Startup Life?