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The Startup Life

Apr 14, 2019

Are you ready to be successful?

In this episode, we bring in Steven F. Sanders for the first Takeover Edition of The Startup Life Podcast. He shares the concept of what separates the people who talk about what they are going to do from the people that actually do it. He starts by sharing that successful people have the desire and what that looks like. Steve shares with us his football playing days to help frame what that looks like. Next, he talks about having the discipline to really focus on the task at hand and sacrifice the instant gratification. He will challenge you to ask if you have the willingness to put in the 10, 000 hours to be successful. Lastly, before the break, he talks about having the direction. How do you create the plan for the success you seek. 

After the break, he talks about the drive towards your success. Why being relentless in your resolve is so important. Next, he talks about having the dream and moving towards unapologetically. Lastly, he shares the concept of a dream team. He says that you must have the right people around you in order to accomplish your goals.

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