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The Startup Life

Apr 8, 2019

Are you being fearful or are you being selfish?

In the 100th episode of The Startup Life Podcast, we explore this notion. In the first segment, I share what the path has been like since we started the show on Nov. 1, 2016. I share how long it took me to record my first episode and I give a shoutout to every person who has come on the show. In the second segment, we discuss what you can expect from the show moving forward. We talk about uploading more content each week and new formats for the show as well.

After the break, in a very short segment, we talk about the importance of entrepreneurs trying new things. Lastly, we talk about why its time for people to stop being selfish with your idea. We talk about how you are depriving not only the people around you but more importantly yourself. 

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