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The Startup Life

Apr 7, 2018

Can two friends make a successful podcast? In this episode, we sit down with Paul Lattibeaudaire Jr and Emilio Porter of the Educated Hustle Podcast to tell us how it all got started. Paul shares with us his early entrepreneurial days of selling candy in class and now starting to get into the real estate game. Emilio shares how he charts his own path and why he has to be passionate about something in order to pursue it. They both share who inspires them as an entrepreneur.

Later in the show, they share popular misconceptions about business. Emilio explains as they approach their 100th episode, most of the people who started podcast around the same time are no longer around. They also explain how they came up with the name for the show. Later, Paul explains what an ideal team member of Educated Hustle podcast would look like. 

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