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The Startup Life

Mar 5, 2018

What do you do after you buy a piece of real estate? In this episode, we dive into the Buy The Block movement and talk about next steps moving forward. In the first segment, we discuss the different ways to start real estate investing. We discuss REIT’s and other real estate platforms like Prosper. Next, we talk about rental properties if you are looking for some residual income or maybe house flipping is another way to make money in the real estate space. In the second segment, we discuss building relationships with people in your neighborhood to scale it. We consider building camaraderie through community events, neighborhood directories, or a home development consortium model.


After the break, we talk about how to deter crime in the neighborhood. We discuss why forming an HOA and neighborhood watch can be great crime deterrents along with keeping lawns mowed and clear of debris. If you can’t afford a security system, there are other ways to protect your home.  Lastly, we discuss what a great neighborhood looks like. From access to a medical facility to access to public transportation can make a neighborhood flourish. We explain that at this point of scaling the neighborhood property values are high, everyone has bought it to the community and you now hold the political power that politicians have to take notice of for years to come.


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Associate Producer: Devin Marmon


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